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Jakob Marberger
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EFSTA: State of the Game

Beitragvon Jakob Marberger » Do 1. Sep 2016, 18:46

Dear visitor,

A lot of things happen at EFSTA, but usually they are communicated and discussed in the reserved parts of this forum.
So to give you an update on where we stand, a short summary:

Austrian Fiscalization Package is finished, we're testing and working on finishing touches.
Our main development focus is now on two things:
The management platform, which offers enterprise grade control mechanisms for the whole fiscalization environment.
And the fiscalization package for Czech Republic, for which a version ready for field-testing will be ready by end of September.

A prototype expressing the full interface towards POS systems is available, missing only communication systems with the Czech financial service.
This is currently developed, development snapshots with full functionality will be available mid September.

If you are a system integrator, POS provider, or manufacturer of other systems confronted with fiscalization challenges, please contact us, we'll provide you with information, process schematics, development prototypes and know-how.
If you are a user of POS systems: Please contact your systems house concerning their solution concerning fiscalization, or, if you need information on specific topics respectively do not know where to start, contact us, we're glad to help.

Of course there is more going on - let us show you what our system can do.

Best Regards,
Jakob Marberger,
Product Manager
Jakob Marberger
IT Consultant
former EFSTA Product Manager

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