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Todaro Riccardo
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Beitragvon Todaro Riccardo » Do 21. Feb 2019, 13:57

Good morning,
one of my clients has the following error code:
Fiskalstatus: Inaktiv. Code FISSVC_NOK
however when he prints a " Beleg" from the cash register he gets a positive operation result and data correctly arrives to efsta service.
Could you tell me how to correct this error?
EFR is 000000011CS

Best Regards
Todaro Riccardo
Rhind Srl

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Re: fissvc_nok

Beitragvon efsta_SuppFAdm » Fr 22. Feb 2019, 06:19

Good morning Mr. Todaro,

the EFR is red due to the message "FISCAL_AT-EFSTA-CHECK-CASHREG-NOTOK-0-P-".

Explanation of the message:

Regular query whether the cash register is still registered in the FON was incorrect.
The POS is no longer registered in the FON.
Please check whether there are other registers with the same POS ID.

If only one cash register with this ID is really in operation, please proceed as follows:

- Taking the cash register in the EFR out of operation
- Register POS again (create start receipt, the start receoptis created automatically after the first transaction)

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