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Verfasst: Fr 2. Feb 2018, 16:35
von Todaro Riccardo
Good Evening,
please may you tell me where i can find complete documentation for Efsta Service Portal?

May i contact someone by email if i have some question?

Thank you

Todaro Riccardo

Re: Documentation

Verfasst: Mo 5. Feb 2018, 08:21
von hummmel
In the portal screen header you have an (i) button, with which you can view/download the latest documentation (English and German).
As the portal software has been evolving, just now we're doing a major revision.

Of course you can get in contact with us using
But we suggest to use the forum for questions of general interest.

EFSTA development

Re: Documentation

Verfasst: Fr 16. Feb 2018, 09:52
von Joco1234

I tried to download the documentation in the manner that you described, but i only get the German version of the guide (EOP-handbuch,pdf), no ENG version.

Thank you.

Regards Jo┼że

Re: Documentation

Verfasst: Mo 19. Feb 2018, 11:25
von hummmel
Had to check this internally first, you are right.
Actually only parts of the documentation are available in English.

Your request is in the queue now, but please don't expect immediate execution.
If you have an urgent question, feel free to post it here.

EFSTA development

Re: Documentation

Verfasst: Do 5. Apr 2018, 14:24
von Efsta Portal
We are sorry for the delay, but the documentation for the Efsta Service Portal is now avalible in english, french and german.

best regards,
EFSTA Support