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recorder offline and online ?

Verfasst: Do 17. Aug 2017, 09:24
von mgottardi
I try the EFR 1.4.2 for AT (with smartcard) and i notice the state of recorder "offline", what does it mean ? the receipt is only local, not send to the AT fiscal server ?

In the documentation there is a reference to "Cloud Activation" ma i don't find it.

Re: recorder offline and online ?

Verfasst: Mo 28. Aug 2017, 13:36
von Jakob Marberger
Recorder is the state of Cloud communication.

"Offline" means that this EFR does not communicate with EFSTA Cloud (eg. because it is configured to do so, or an error occured, or a Firewall is blocking coms). EFR and EFSTA CLoud don't see each other.

"Waiting" means that EFR and EFSTA Cloud have exchanged communication, so they generally "see" each other, but right now, they don't, Eg. internet temporary down, or, in older EFR versions, an upload error occurred (restart the service to get that running again, or update to current version.
This also happens when authentication issues with EFSTA Cloud arise (EFSTA Cloud rejects uploads)

"Online" means that EFR - EFSTA Cloud Communication is established and working, and transactions are archived.

This state has consequences for archiving, and in countries like Austria, where EFSTA Cloud has got procedural functions concerning financial authorities, possible impact on mandatory processes. It does not concern other EFR communication streams, like communicating with fiscal services of CZ or CR, or remote signature in AT.